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Guiders® are a simple, cost effective way to create a personalized, interactive search launched from any digital marketing tactic. Our Guided Shopping Experience™ drives more online visitors into and through the decision making funnel to complete their purchases, dramatically increasing conversion rates by several hundred percent!

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Half of all web sales are lost because people can't find what they are looking for online

–Information Week

The Opportunity – "eCommerce merchants must create individualized experiences and display products that precisely match shoppers' needs" – MarketLive

The Solution – A Guided Shopping Experience™ from iGuiders that creates a personalized search experience by mimicking the best of an offline shopping experience by prompting online consumers through a series of 4-6 benefit or lifestyle driven questions. The module "guides" the shopper to the products most likely to meet their needs based on the benefits/features they care about the most to significantly increase likelihood of converting the purchase!

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